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How to Dress In The Modern Pin Up Style Correctly

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Pin up is one of the most romantic and cute styles existing in the fashion world and known to us for quite a long time already. The extreme charm, romance, and femininity hidden in this style makes it a great alternative for walks and for hangouts, as well as for romantic dates and many other occasions. So if you like the looks of Marylin Monroe, Betty Grable, and Ingrid Bergman, then the modern pin up style is just what you need to bring in some changes and freshness doing that via modernizing the retro traditions. So this is what we are going to speak about now, introducing the basic things that you need to know about this style also providing you with the necessary fashion tips on how to dress in the modern pin up style correctly!

What Is Pin Up Fashion?

The modern pin up style does not demonstrate your sensuality but slightly hints on it. This style is one of the most aesthetic and gorgeous keys to use to accentuate your femininity and charm at the same time not risking creating provocative looks. Speaking about the origin of the name of pin up we need to go back to the ’30s when the first seductive posters of sassy girls were also showing ladies with the pin up style and it’s from the name of those pinned up posters that the name came out as such.

One of the icons of this style is Marylin Monroe, who really mastered the art of combining the beautiful details of the pin up style with the gorgeous posture and overall manners and just all the nuances that are necessary to complete such looks. Rita Hayworth is another bright embodiment of total charm having become an icon of the pin up style. Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, and Betty Grable are also included in the list of the top gorgeous icons of this style. As for the modern images we can point out Scarlett Johannsson and Dita Von Teese as the contemporary followers of the pin up style perfectly using it for modernized retro and chic looks.

Building Up the Typical Pin Up Wardrobe

Thus, the very first thing that you need to pay attention to is the modernized chic and glam that modern pin up style allows you to have. So in order to point out some basic elements composing the pin up style, we can speak about the following pieces and details:

• Tight-fitting silhouettes: Whatever garments you may choose, they should accentuate your figure and highlight every other attractive detail about your figure. If you have the hourglass type figure then you are really lucky. If not, then you should try to get the proper accents to create a silhouette of this type.

• Accents on the waist: The main accents of pin up style go to the waist, which should be perfected with the help of proper accessories and suitable apparel options.

• Décolleté: This is one of the most necessary and preferable aspects of pin up fashion, but you shouldn’t forget about the balance thus not opting for too open tops when wearing shorts or short skirts.

As for the color palette, this style allows you to pick any shades from bright to pastel colors, first of all focusing your attention on pink, red, white, yellow, and blue tones. The pin up style is also popular with the prints and pattern ranging from animal prints, checks, and polka dots to floral prints and even fruit prints.

 Thus, pointing out the main components of a modern pin up wardrobe we may speak about the following alternatives:

• A fluffy skirt: This is one of the primary details for visually widening the hips, which is quite important for this style. Still, if you already have wide hips then you’d better opt for pencil skirts with high-waisted accents and different tight-fitting shapes, which will accentuate the pluses of your body nicely.

• Dresses: This is the thing that ladies following the pin up style just can’t do without! The most diverse silhouettes are all in for this range from A-lines to body-flattering tight options. The accent on the waist is the most important detail here. You may also create some contrasts with colors using monochrome dresses and matching them with accessories like when matching a tight fitting black dress with a red floral accessory.

• Tops and blouses with deep cuts: The latter can be a décolleté or a sweetheart neckline.

• Jackets and cardigans: A cropped cardigan or a jacket with one single button is a great piece to accentuate your femininity even more.

• Shorts: What you should bear in mind in this case is that the shorts you opt for should not be too short. You may pick cuffed options or designs without them but with big pockets.

• Pants: Whats essential for pants is that they should be narrowing in the bottom and widen on top creating volume there.

Pin Up Accessories You Might Need

Accessories are no less important and you should really know how to use them and with what to match your pin up accessories. So here is the brief list of the basic modern pin up accessories that you might need.

• Gloves: They may be made of leather, textile, or even lace and may have different lengths. This depends on the occasion. For instance, you will need longer options for evening looks and shorter variants for everyday combos.

• Shoes: High heels, open toe shoes and boots can all be a part of your looks and you may even create military combinations with them, but the overall inclination should remain towards the feminine and romantic feel.

• A headband or a kerchief: A small kerchief may be one of the easiest and simplest details accentuating your modern pin up image. You need to have a small range of some options, which will be suitable for a number of looks. You may also substitute your kerchief with a wide-brim hat in summer.

• Tights: This is one of the most sensual and important elements of the pin up style, again allowing the range of different styles and options.

• Scarfs: Subtle silk scarfs, which may be put on the shoulders or tied around the head, can also be included in the list of the best modern pin up accessories.

• Belts: Such accessories are necessary to create some accents on the waist. Any types of belts from narrow to wide and even elastic ones will do.

• Handbags: Like for every style, handbags are an essential aspect of your looks. You may pick both big and small options, but what they should have in any case is that they should be designed with some retro hints. For instance, you may opt for oval or square forms with prints and bright colors.

• Sunglasses: Finally, what you should not forget about is sunglasses. Big options with just as big frames are one of the most important details of this style.

• As for pin up hairstyles, you may opt for retro ‘dos like waves more preferably styled with the feel of the ’50s. Pins and brooches are all welcome. Lavish curls, options styled with headbands and ribbons or just straight hair styled with an accessory will all do here.

• When it comes to modern pin up makeup, it should focus the whole accent on the eyes also featuring the long attractive eyelashes. The bright and catchy smile should also be there.

• Finally, if you are ready-steady with your impeccable modern pin up look, why don’t you organize a photo session? This will boost your self-confidence and help you to feel like a real retro model! Here were the basic things that we would like to share with you speaking about the most essential aspects and details of the modern pin up style, which has been one of the most iconic and descriptive elements of the most popular fashion icons of all times.