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Differences between pin-up & rockabilly style

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After rockabilly’s revival during the 80’s decade, in the popular imaginary rockabilly and pin-up styles began to mix-up. In fact they are two very connected styles that share many in common. Actually, pin-up style appeared at ends of the 30’s decade, gainning strength during the 40’s and beginnings of the 50’s. However, rockabilly style started, precisely in the 50’s with clear pin-up influences. All is associated.

Pin-up style

At first, the pin-up were images (pictures or illustrations) from girls that posed on a sensual and flirty way, very popular in the 30’s and 50’s decade. Above all the Second World War popularized its use in postcards, magazines and prints on plane’s nose.

With the time, the models that posed for that kind of images, flirty but not pornographic, ended up being the pin-up girls. So, this way, the look, attitude and the styling of those models was what defined the pin-up style. That we can summarize in a few details:


Pin-up girls use to wear period dresses, always tight on the waist and with polka dots, stripes or checks. Regarding the skirts, they can be long or short. If they are long  will be three quarters with flounces.

If they wear pants, the pin-up girls use hot pants, the classical characteristic shorts, ultra short and waist-high. Also use to wear pirate pants with “ballerinas” (one of the very few flat shoes accepted).

The t-shirts, usually with neckline (especially heart’s one), to highlight the breast. Also, in the pin-up style won’t wear too much accessories. In case, wide brim hats.

Without a doubt, the indispensable footwear are the peep toes or, any kind of high heel shoes.


Pin-up girls hairstyles are clean and attractive and always use to have a 50’s air. It is very common to see waves and curls with a short and straight fringe.

It is also usual to adorn it with ribbons, scarfs, flower brooches and hats.

Make up

The pin-up stands out for their make up that emphasizes their porcelain skin, as they were dolls. With red lips and black eyeliner cat eyes.

The eyebrow always perfectly cared and blent, with eyes fold traced with brown eye shadow and the eyelid with eyeliner. The cheeks intensely traced to look higher and with a sharper profile.

The rockabilly style

The rockabilly style was born when the pin-up style was already established and, inevitably was influenced by it. This way, they keep some coincidences and some differences.

To start, unlike the pin-up style, women’s rockabilly fashion, at its beginnings was ingenuous and funny. High waists, knee high evasé skirts, bateau necklines, fitted shirts and and shoes with short socks.

About the hairstyle, the usual was the wavy in any length and about the make up, pin-up rules of a light make up with red lips and a very marked eyeliner were commonly followed.

However, psychobilly appearance in the 80’s brought tougher rockabilly girls. Not so ingenuous as the originals in the 50’s. The current rockabilly girls have tattoos , dress red and black, love skulls and everything has become more creepy and zombie. If Sandy from Grease would be the classic rockabilly girl in the 50’s, Amy Winehouse would fit better with the current rockabilly style image.

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