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Sarah Silverman’s Chic $60.00 Emmy Dress? Pin-up Clothing’s $110.00 Dress

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Comedienne Sarah Silverman created a stir on the Emmy’s Red Carpet tonight when she revealed that she bought a simple little black dress online to wear to the ceremony.  When Sarah was asked by Ryan Seacrest who she was wearing, she named the dress designer as Los Angeles based firm Stop Staring saying, ” “I bought it online for $60.”  She proudly told Seacrest “Doesn’t [this] look just as good as anything fancy and expensive?”  Well the dress did look great on Sarah, but some of  my intrepid Twitter followers don’t think it’s from Stop Staring.  I spotted it as Stop Staring’s Million Dollar Baby sleeveless dress from a few seasons ago.   However, after looking a bit more closely, it does look like Pin-up Clothing’s Vamp Dress by Deadly Dames.

I haven’t seen anything from Stop Staring on their website proclaiming the dress to be their dress.  This wouldn’t be the first time that a celebrity got the name of their dress designer wrong.  After all, it’s more than likely Sarah didn’t purchase the dress herself.  It could’ve been purchased by her stylist for her or she may just have gotten the labels mixed up.  The dresses are very similar as you can see from the pictures above.

However, the dress has been confirmed as the Pin-up Clothing ‘s Deadly Dame Vamp dress by Micheline Pitt the Designer of Deadly Dames clothing, on her Instagram feed.  The dress retails for $110.00 on the Pin-up Clothing website, not the $60.00 price tag given by Sarah Silverman. Perhaps even more attractive  than the affordable price tag is that fact that the dress was made in America, creating jobs for US Workers.   Bravo Pin-up Clothing!

Sarah looked fantastic in the dress and it looked a damn sight better than the couture Emmy dress she wore in 2009 when she was named one of the Emmy’s worst dressed.